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aQutGwzpfM6 (08. 08. 2016)

“In my ideal world, if I were emperor, the state would merely register couples at their request. That is, have whatever marriage ceremony you like (or none at all), go to the courthouse, the members sign the paperwork, the clerk of the court witnesses it, makes a copy for you, you pay a fee, and walk ouYo#&8221;t.ur ideal world, of which you are Emperor, is *revolutionary France*? (“How is a loony bin like a baby?” “Both have Nappy changes every five minutes.” >;) )

iu6rHHeEW (08. 08. 2016)

Knocked my socks off with kneglodwe!

QzKkTxSq (09. 08. 2016)

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1gsKzekEb2 (09. 08. 2016)

That's a brilliant answer to an ineiresttng question

GstnD8H12 (10. 08. 2016)

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