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WZljobARPC (30. 04. 2015)

UCSF scientist Neal Benowitz, an autihroty on nicotine metabolism and principal investigator of the TRDRP thirdhand smoke consortium. Yep, we're on the edge of detectability, let alone demonstrable hazard. So to date these fraudsters have nothing. But does that stop the inflammatory rhetoric?The statement begins with this headline: After the smoke clears, danger still lurks It then continues with: .in order to determine the scope of thirdhand smoke risk We don't yet know the degree of risk . We need to find out what risk this pollution poses. Risks to infants and toddlers are of particular concern to consortium scientists. Researchers suspect that children with respiratory diseases like asthma are likely to be at highest risk. But the potential dangers don't end with direct exposure to smoke What risk? There is no demonstrated risk .. and not for the want of trying. Yet these fraudsters speak as if there is a risk that simply needs to be found by them. It's really just a load of wild, inflammatory, agenda-driven, self-serving speculation. We're well into the realm of absurdity.These miscreants note that: One positive sign he's found is an uptick in the number of people demanding smoke-free used cars, rental cars, apartments and hotel rooms. Why would this be a positive sign? The fools have admitted that there is no risk-basis to such conduct. The answer is that although these fraudsters have not demonstrated risk, they carefully use language in their studies and press releases that constantly implies risk just like this latest statement. There is already a segment of the population that believes in thirdhand piffle risk .

nsAkYySvJB (07. 05. 2015)

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rwN2iKzyZ2Pa (08. 08. 2016)

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